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Ideas for Reports

Ideas for ReportsLooking for something different for your next school project? A topic that all the other kids won’t think of? Try one of these ideas.

Science fair project
Using a sound meter, record the sound levels of traffic on an asphalt-paved road and a concrete-paved road. (You may be able to borrow a sound meter from your school or a local college.) 

Career day report
Talk to transportation officials about a career in road construction. Make an appointment with a highway engineer from your local Department of Transportation. Or call a nearby asphalt facility and ask to interview the owner. You might even ask for a tour of the plant!

Recycling in America
What’s the most recycled product in America? Most people guess glass or aluminum. But they’re surprised to find out it’s asphalt pavement! Find out how asphalt pavement is recycled – and how it uses other recycled products as well.

Transportation timeline
Find out when man started building roads and how it affected people, and the growth of societies and cultures. We’ll give you a head start:
See our timeline on asphalt history.

Here’s a general timeline on the invention of vehicles: http://www.gsu.edu/other/timeline/trans.html

For the history on the U.S. highway system: http://www.gbcnet.com/ushighways/history.html

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80 percent of old asphalt pavement removed each year is re-used.

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