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How Asphalt is Used

Other uses for asphaltThe first thing that comes to mind when you hear asphalt is roads. But the versatility of asphalt makes it the ideal material for other applications and locations: from driveways to runways, from the barn floor to the ocean floor.

HMA is also used worldwide as a practical solution to water storage, flood control, erosion, and conservation problems. Asphalt has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and used successfully as a primary liner for both sanitary and hazardous waste landfills.

You'll find asphalt all around you in a variety of uses, including:

  • Transportation - highways, railbeds for transit systems, airport runways
  • Recreational - running tracks, greenway trails, playgrounds, bicycle and golf cart paths, racetracks, basketball and tennis courts
  • Aquatic - fish hatcheries, reservoir liners, industrial retention ponds, sea walls, dikes and groins to control beach erosion
  • Residential - driveways, subdivision roads
  • Agricultural - cattle feed lots, poultry house floors, barn floors, greenhouse floors
  • Industrial - work sites, log yards, ports, freight yards, landfill caps


94 percent of the roads in America are paved with asphalt.

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